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Stuck w/ Classic until I can create a webpage mockup (67508)#73

I’m totally stuck w/ Creately Classic right now until the same web controls provided in Classic are also made available ( see ). The new app seems only focused on design diagrams (which are important for sure) but I purchased the tool so that I could be work in the abstract design domain as well as the UI Mockup Domain and I can’t do any UI mockups in the new tool.

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

Hi Scott, this is planned and you can expect the updated shape libraries early next year.

a year ago

Excellent, glad to hear that! I was concerned you might be only focusing on modeling domain and dropping web mockups. Would be happy to beta test for you if it helps me get this functionality sooner :~)

a year ago

Thanks for the offer :-). We have started working on the shapes. Will update here as soon as the initial libraries are ready.

10 months ago