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icons reinforce traditional gender roles#367


I’m trying to build a patient journey map and am disappointed to see that you don’t offer gender neutral icons and that the “doctor” icons are male and the “nurse” icons are female. The “nurse” is clearly wearing nurse scrubs and the “doctor” is clearly wearing a physician lab coat. There are plenty of gender neutral icons that could be used in place of these.

2 years ago

Why not use creately to draw up an icon inclusion proposal, be sure to add the devleopmont costs in the financial motivation section

a year ago

Hi there,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

We are always working to ensure we provide the best experience for all our users, therefore we value your feedback provided and will work on expanding the range of icons available to suit a netural setting.

Kindly do note that you do have the option of importing any icons, images and other elements into creately, including our google search engine feature.

In the meantime, if you require any assistance with our App or even general queries, feel free to reach out to our Support Team on

Creately Team

a year ago